How To Be A Great Mentor And Men-Tee

What does it take to be a GREAT mentor? Such a great question and one that comes up time and time again. A mentor is someone who has traveled the path before you and can guide you along the way! Next… What is the difference between actual mentoring and coaching? The really GREAT mentors, teachers […]

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Celebrate Your Partner The Love of Your Life

Ladies, need some idea’s or inspiration for celebrating the love of your life this weekend? Celebrate your partner, the special man in your life, the love of your life – always And especially on Father’s Day!   Not sure what to give the love of your life, the Father of your children this weekend? Above […]

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How To Have A Winning Attitude

Such a great question, one I am often asked. I think for girls in particular, we have to do all we can to nurture their self-esteem, their confidence and courage! Winning is important and having fun along the way is too! How to have a winning attitude? A winning attitude, looks like this. It has […]

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How To Have More Courage

Such a great and important question… How do we have MORE courage? And what does having more courage do for us? Importantly, how does having more courage help to improve the quality of our lives? When we are and feel courageous filled, we are more likely to take action, to be bold and have the […]

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