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Education What Are Our Opportunities for The 21st Century

Our Children are THE future and how we raise them matters. Teachers, Parents, Educators, Community, Civic Leaders, Business Owners,  WE can all come together on this and agree, that we ALL want our children and students to succeed. My thoughts on education come from my own personal educational experience and a broader perspective, having spent […]

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67 Minutes – Make a Difference on Mandela Day

Mandela’s Beginnings Certainly he was an extraordinary leader, a towering figure of the 20th century. A remarkable leader who stood and struggled for freedom and indeed equality. He inspired people around the world to fight for change, justice, and against inequality. A dear friend and to Sir Richard Branson. Nelson Mandela, showed all of us, […]

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The Heart and Mindset Of A Champion A Thriver Of Breast Cancer

The heart and mindset of a champion, a thriver of breast cancer a champion in life! During the last several weeks, I have had the honor of celebrating, listening and collaborating with several women, champion women of courage, strength and positive women who are thriving beyond breast cancer. What a humbling experience to meet and […]

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A Gift From The Heart

There was a knock at the door, and the young boy answered. A tall stranger stood there bearing food and a turkey in a pot. The boy called to his father to come see. The father was proud and saw this as charity. Thankfully the boy saw it, as an act of kindness from a […]

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