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Education What Are Our Opportunities for The 21st Century

Our Children are THE future and how we raise them matters. Teachers, Parents, Educators, Community, Civic Leaders, Business Owners,  WE can all come together on this and agree, that we ALL want our children and students to succeed. My thoughts on education come from my own personal educational experience and a broader perspective, having spent […]

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The Blossoming

How Leader’s Can Grow – Grow The Leader Grow The Organization

How can you grow your organization and usher your team, direct reports, those you lead and serve And take them to even greater levels of performance? How can we help them to BLOOM and Blossom and unlock their potential? And What are some of the specific roadblocks some leader’s face and how can we help […]

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How To Be A Great Mentor And Men-Tee

What does it take to be a GREAT mentor? Such a great question and one that comes up time and time again. A mentor is someone who has traveled the path before you and can guide you along the way! Next… What is the difference between actual mentoring and coaching? The really GREAT mentors, teachers […]

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