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Brain Healthy

Studies have found that Omega-3 long chain fatty acids are essential for healthy brain development. Research also suggests that helping children to perform at higher levels of performance may be possible with supplementation of Omega-3’s. As parents, we care about the brain health of our children, and there are several ways in which we can […]

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The Blossoming

How Leader’s Can Grow – Grow The Leader Grow The Organization

How can you grow your organization and usher your team, direct reports, those you lead and serve And take them to even greater levels of performance? How can we help them to BLOOM and Blossom and unlock their potential? And What are some of the specific roadblocks some leader’s face and how can we help […]

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Celebrate Your Partner The Love of Your Life

Ladies, need some idea’s or inspiration for celebrating the love of your life this weekend? Celebrate your partner, the special man in your life, the love of your life – always And especially on Father’s Day!   Not sure what to give the love of your life, the Father of your children this weekend? Above […]

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How To Radiate From The Inside Out

How to radiate from the inside out, look younger AND reverse aging! Certainly creating a good internal healthy foundation is important. As women we love to enhance our natural beauty with skincare and beauty products and  I believe it is safe to say we all want to be healthier. We all want to look younger […]

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How To Deal With Difficult Times

How do we cope during difficult times? What can we do to feel better and hold onto a vision for a brighter future? We all experience difficulty and struggles in life, and as leaders we are not exempt. Being open, honest, vulnerable and transparent about what we go through in life can serve to help […]

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Excellent Leaders DO These 3 Things

How do you lead with excellence? What does it take to be and become an excellent leader? We don’t become excellent leaders by chance. Excellent leaders become excellent by conscious choice and desire and a decision to grow, to learn and to develop as a leader. To become your best self. Leadership and learning goes […]

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