Janet I Mueller Speech Topics


Leadership Development

“Love, Serve, Lead – Make a Difference, Leave a LegacyTM

Transform your business, organization and teams, lead with excellence and servitude. Janet has excelled as a transformational leader in Corporate America. Her practice and leadership philosophy is servant leadership. A practice responsible for helping her to turn around the bleakest of situations and raising up struggling markets from deep in the trenches on multiple occasions. She believes the answer and reason for this is her philosophy and practice of servant leadership. Janet inspires, instructs and is passionate about helping leaders to become excellent leaders, servant leaders through specific practice of the 7 essential keys responsible for helping her to transform struggling markets to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. A simple yet profound piece of wisdom her Mom taught her was this “Always leave things better than when you find them”


Inspirational – Overcoming Adversity

    • Sexual Assault
    • Domestic Violence
    • Post Traumatic Stress

Janet was left with no money, no apartment key and left to walk home alone in the dark on her first night of vacation, on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, situated off the coast of North Africa.  She was followed home by a stranger, a local to the area and was physically and sexually attacked with a razor blade held to her neck. To this day her attacker to her knowledge has not been brought to justice. Following this attack Janet experienced post traumatic stress disorder. She is a member of RAINN the largest national anti-sexual assault organization. Janet is a survivor also of domestic violence. She provides education, awareness and encourages safety helping women, teens and girls to learn how to protect themselves and support for those who may have experienced similar situations. Janet provides resources, support, coaching and speaks on these issues.


The 6 Essential Practices To Raising Self-Esteem in Women and Girls TodayTM

Janet guides, teaches and provides strategies to women and girls on the 6 essential practices to raising self-esteem. She shares the 6 essential (A’s) with you and her own personal growth journey and experience on how she has worked hard to raise her self-esteem. Personal experience,  study and research on this topic she is now able to help you and other women and teens, girls bringing you the  6 essential practices she believes every woman and girl needs to know and implement to raise their self-esteem.

Self-Esteem – The most important relationship you have is the relationship you have with yourself. What you think about you, matters more than what other people think of you. Believing that you are worthy, enough, loveable and worthy of happiness. Believing in your ability to learn and that you are able to cope with challenges in life and believing and self trusting that you are able to figure things out. Believing that you are able to make the progress you want, to achieve your goals and ambitions in life. To be authentically you, to see the facts as they are, not worse than they are and to have a brighter vision for the future. Living in integrity with what you value and think and believe.

Personal Development

10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming PotentialTM

Partnering and helping you as a leader, executive, parent, mentor and coach to lead with excellence, unlocking your personal fullest potential with the aim to then pay it forward and help those you serve and lead to do the same. Janet guides and teaches the 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming PotentialTM encouraging you to make a difference, live authentically, build on your strengths, face challenges and lead with excellence so that ultimately you can become the best leader and coach you can be for yourself, your teams, organizations, clients and children.



Janet I Mueller For Availability – Interviews and Speaking inquiries: info@janetimueller.com


You shared from your heart and bared your soul – two things that are difficult to do – especially on stage. Your message came across loud and clear. You have inspired me”
—Solange E. Ritchie, Esq.

Janet’s presentation was high energy and totally authentic. She speaks from her heart and is totally engaged with her audience. She makes a great contribution.” —Patricia Noll, Author

Janet Mueller had the audience mesmerized with personal stories linked to powerful life and business lessons. Through her example and encouragement, I realized that I can and I must share my message in a bigger way with those who truly need to hear it.” —Tania Mulry,  Founder of edRover.com, Author of ‘The Cause’

I met Janet briefly a few years back at Author101 when I was just starting my writing career. It was wonderful and inspirational to see her on stage this year as a speaker. Her message of personal transformation was delivered with such grace and authenticity, and precisely what I needed as I begin my own speaking career. Thanks Janet for simply being YOU!” —Cali Gilbert, Transformational Author of the ‘It’s Simply’ series

I had the good fortune to see Janet at Author 101 in March. From the start of her presentation she engaged the audience with a question before seamlessly transiting into a personal story that tugged on your heart. As Janet wove her story to its conclusion she effortlessly slid into the meat and potatoes of her subject, love, serve, and lead.  You could feel the passion that she has for her message, and it resonated with the audience as we sat there glued to our chairs listening to her go into depth about each subject. Janet’s qualities of a leadership are a little different than what I heard before, but she lays them out is an organized and concise system that is easy to learn. If you get an opportunity to listen to her speak, I would highly recommend it, and you will come away with the knowledge to lead.” —Robert Rumble

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